Soldier's Payment

The war is over. It all depended on one mission.

After the 3 remaining survivors received their medals the president says: "I can not thank you enough. For your payment, you will choose any length from one body part to another and I will give you one thousand Dollars for every inches I measure."

The first soldier, the biggest of them said: "Sir, measure the distance between my toes and my forehead, sir!" The president says: "78 inch. That's 78,000 Dollars!" He receives his money and happily walks off.

The second says "Sir, I'll take the distance between one hand and the other.", as he spreads his arms. The president measures it and says: "76 inches. That's 76,000 Dollars!" The young soldier can't complain. He takes his money and walks off.

The president asks the third one. A tough old veteran who has killed many men in his life. Without showing any emotion he says: "From the tip of my dick to my balls." The president is surprised, and a bit disgusted, but being a man of his word, he pulls down the old veteran's pants. "Where are your balls?"

"'Nam, sir."

... and this is why the US is trillions of dollars in debt!

Submitted by: Rob

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