A Blind Man Visits Texas

A blind man goes on vacation. He's never been to Texas, and decides to check it out. He books his plane tickets, heads to the airport, and gets on the plane. When he sits in his seat, he's amazed to discover that the seat is much bigger than any airplane seat he's ever sat in.

"Wow, this seat is gigantic!" he says. "I can practically curl up and fit my whole body on this chair!"

The woman next to him says, "Sure, everything's bigger in Texas, hun."

The blind man lands in Dallas and catches a taxi to his hotel. He wants to go out and experience the city, but since it's been a long day of travel, he decides to get a drink at the hotel bar first. He orders a beer, but instead of the pint he expects, the bartender hands him a mug that's practically the size of a bucket.

"Damn," the blind man says, "this beer is huge!"

The bartender says, "Oh yes sir, but you know everything's bigger in Texas."

Well, after a couple of hours, the blind man finishes his beer and it's really gone straight to his bladder.

He slurs to the bartender, "My good man, could you point me towards the restroom in this fine establishment?"

The bartender says, "Sure, it's right down that hall, third door on your right."

The blind man makes his way down the hall, but in his state of inebriation (it was a lot of beer!), he misses the third door and opens the fourth instead, which happens to be the hotel swimming pool.

He slips and falls in and starts panicking and yelling "Don't flush, don't flush!"

Submitted by: Rob

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