Obama, Biden and Clinton on a Plane

Obama looks out the window and says to the other two, "I've been thinking. I wish I could do more to help these people; they deserve so much!"

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a $100 bill. He says, "If I drop this out the window, I can make somebody really happy!"

Biden clears his throat and says, "Excuse me Mr. President, but I can do you one better." He pulls out ten $10 bills and continues, "I can drop ten of these out the window and make ten people really happy!"

Clinton clears her throat and says, "I can top both of you!" She pulls out of her purse one hundred $1 bills. "I can drop one hundred of these and make one hundred people really happy!"

At this point the pilot comes out of the cabinet and laughs. At the inquiring looks of Obama, Biden, and Clinton he says, "I can top all of you! I can crash this plane and make millions of people happy!"

Submitted by: Rob

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