Early Spring in BC

It was early spring in British Columbia

A Frenchman hired three Indians to do some tracking for him while he hunted bear.

A few hours into the trip through the mountains they came upon a cave and all stopped.

One of the Indians steps forward and yells, "WOO-WOOO!" There was a similar response from in the cave. He then tore all his clothes off and ran into the cave.

Another couple of hours goes by, another cave. They all stop. The second Indian yells "WOO-WOOO!" And again "woo-wooo!" was heard from the cave. He rips off his clothes and darts into the cave.

Now the Frenchman was very curious and asks "What da devil is going on???"

The third Indian explains, "It Indian mating season. When you give mating call and it returned mean available female in cave."

A little while later, a third cave, a third call, a third response. The clothes are off, the Indian is gone.

"Well dare ain't gonna be no huntin now" the Frenchman thinks to himself. So along the trail the Frenchman sees a big cave and goes "WOO-WOOO!" No response "WOO-WOOO!"... Hesitation... Then "woo-wooooo!" From in the cave. The Frenchman rips off all his clothes and runs full speed into the cave.

The next day in the Vancover Times, headlines read:


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