Old Joe

Bill has been working his ass off lately. Becoming very stressed out, and he has been seeing a phychiatrist the doctor told Bill to go to his cabin in Alaska. Finally Bill couldn't take it anymore. He called his doctor, and said he was stressed out and fixing to jump out the window to end it all.

The doctor calmed him down while at the same time he made Bill reservations on a flight to Alaska to the cabin.

Bill said I cant go what about my wife and my kids? The doctor told him not to worry I have already taken care of that Bill just go.

Bill went got on the plane and made it to Alaska. He was in the town to get supplies when he saw a bar. Bill went in looked around and hollered "Wheres all the women at"?

The bartender said "What women there ain't no women around here"! Gimme a beer said Bill. Sitting at the bar he asked "What do y'all do when you want some"?

Bartender replied "Oh we just go see ole Joe about that". Bill said "I can't do that"! Bill finished his beer, got his supplies and went up to the cabin. He fished and hunted sang to himself.

Running out of supplies he went back down to town after a month and stopped first at the bar.

He went in and Hollered "Wheres all the women at"?

Bartender replied "I told you already there ain't no women around here we go and see ole Joe"!

Bill said "gimme a beer then"! Sitting at the bar Bill looked up to the bartender and asked "Supposing I was, but I'm not like that, Who all would have to know"?

The bartender thought for a minute and said "5! Well theres you and me of course. Then there is the two other guys that have to hold ole Joe down because ole Joe ain't like that either!"

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