Kenyan Roulette

Two men, from Russia and Kenya respectively, share a table at an international conference they both attend. They get along well and agree to meet in the hotel bar for drinks.

While sharing their national drinking games, the Russian mentions Russian Roulette. Intrigued, the Kenyan tries the game, and survives. They both get progressively drunker, daring each other to pull the trigger.

After a while the Kenyan says 'We have a very similar game in Kenya, you must come to my country and try it there."

Over the course of the conference they become fast friends. Wishing to try Kenyan Roulette, the Russian man travels there to see his friend and play the game.

The Kenyan takes him out to a field where six stark naked beautiful tribal women are standing in a line. "You must chose one, she will give you a blowjob." The Kenyan explains.

The Russian is delighted but confused. "This is wonderful! but how is this dangerous?"

The Kenyan smiles and says "one of them is a cannibal."

Submitted by: Rob

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