Stumbling Drunk

A beat cop is wandering down the street when he sees a drunk stumbling all over the place. He says, "Hey, Buddy, you look a little drunk, you ok?."

The drunk says, "Man, I sure am glad to see you officer. See, somebody just stole my car."

The cop says, "Stole your car? Where was the car when you last saw it?"

The guy says, "Right on the end of this key."

The cop looks at the key and looks at the drunk and says, "Well, go two blocks down to the Station and report it to the desk sergeant."

The drunk says, "Thanks, officer. You been a big help."

As the drunk start stumbling towards the station, the cop looks down at the guys pants and says, "Hey buddy, before you go, you better zip up your fly."

The guy looks down at his pants and says, "Aw man, they got my girl too."

Submitted by: Rob

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