Cheating Husband

The other day, a woman wanted to know how her husband would react if she left without telling him where she had gone.

She wrote him a letter, saying that she is tired of him and didn't want to live with him any more. She put the letter on the bedroom table and hid under the bed...

Her husband came home, saw the letter and read it. He wrote something on the letter and began to sing and dance while changing his clothes.

He grabbed his cell phone and called someone. He said, "Hey babe, I'm just changing clothes now, but I'll join you soon. As for my ball and chain, she finally clued in that I was cheating on her and left. I was really wrong to have married her. I wish I had known you earlier. See you soon, sweetie!"

Then he walked out of the room and left the house.

In tears, and very upset, she got up from under the bed and decided to read what her husband had wrote on the letter.

It said, "I could see your feet, silly. I'm going to buy bread."

Submitted by: Rob

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