Sex Education

The teacher at the beginning of the class says "OK kids, we are going to talk about sexual education today. First we'll talk about how the human reproduction goes on..."

Immediately, little Johnny raises his hand, and desperately tries to get the teacher's attention. But the teacher, knowing how little Johnny is about these things, goes on...

"... First, a man a woman have to be in love... "

But little Johnny keeps his hand up, waving it up and down, and from one side to the other one.

The teacher ignores him.."..They have to be very much in love because..."

But now little Johnny even starts making noise with his feet, so the teacher decides to acknowledge him "OK, little Johnny. What do you want to say."

Little Johnny then stands up, and says "I just wanted to ask. Those of us who have already f%$#@d, can we leave?"

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