Born Only as a Head

Due to a very rare condition, little Johnny is born with nothing but a head... No arms, legs or body, just a head.

His parents love him anyway and do everything they can to make sure he has the most "normal" childhood possible.

They shower him with affection and gifts, and try to make him feel like a normal boy.

The years pass by, and one day the family doctor calls. The parents listen in amazement as the doctor tells them:

"It's a long shot, but we just had a well preserved ten-year-old body come in, as the result of a tragic car accident. This could be something that works for Johnny. It will be very challenging, but we may be able to do a transplant."

The parents are overcome with joy. It feels like the answer to prayers, especially so close to Christmas. They schedule the operation to take place as soon as possible. The parents then walk up to Johnny's room. With glistening tears and a trembling voice, Johnny's mother says to her son:

"Johnny, guess what you might be getting for Christmas?"

To which Johnny snarls:

"I don't know, but IT BETTER NOT BE ANOTHER HAT!!!!"

Submitted by: Rob

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