The Bronze Rat

A man goes into an antique store. After looking at most of the articles for sale he spots a beautiful bronze sculpture of a rat. The man is enthralled by the rat and takes it up to the owner to buy it. "How much for the rat?" he asks the proprietor.

"Ten bucks for the rat and a thousand bucks for the story" says the owner.

"Keep the story, I'll just take the rat" says the guy, who then pays the owner and walks outside with the rat under his arm.

Almost immediately a handful of rats fall in line behind the man and his purchase. The further the man walks, the more rats that congregate behind him. Eventually there are so many rats that the man becomes afraid and runs down to the river that cuts through the town.

At the edge of the river, with all the rats in town squealing and milling around him, he throws the bronze rat as far out into the river as he can. Without hesitation all the rats in town jump into the river to follow the bronze rat as it sinks to the bottom -- and all of the rats drown.

After recovering from the ordeal, the man makes his way back to the antique store.

"Aha!" says the store owner. "You came back for the story about the rat."

"Nope," says the man. "I was just wondering if you had a bronze lawyer"

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