Deceased Lawyer

The phone rings at a Law Firm. The receptionist answers, and the voice on the other end says"I'd like to speak to Mr. Smith the lawyer please."

The receptionist asks in a somber tone,"Are you a client of Mr. Smith's?"

"No," the caller says "but my ex wife was."

The receptionist responds, "I'm deeply saddened to inform you that Mr. Smith passed away last night." "Thank you," the caller says and hangs up. Only minutes later, the receptionist picks up the phone to hear the same voice ask, "can I speak to Mr. Smith?"

Confused, she again replies, "I'm sorry but Mr. Smith passed away last night." The caller hangs up, but moments later calls back and asks to speak to Mr. Smith.

"Look," the receptionist says in frustration, "I've told you twice already that Mr. Smith is dead!"

"I know," the caller says cheerfully, "but I really enjoy hearing it!"

Submitted by: Rob

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