Three Nuns Arrive in Heaven

Three nuns arrive in heaven. St Peter is there to meet them and explains that before they can enter, they each need to answer a question.

He turns to the first nun and asks her "What was the name of the first woman on Earth?"

The first nun immediately answers "Eve!"

"Congratulations!" says St Peter, "You're in!"

St Peter then turns to the second nun and asks her "Where did Eve live?"

The second nun immediately answers "Garden of Eden!"

"Congratulations!" says St Peter, "You're in!"

Finally, St Peter turns to the third nun, who happens to be the Mother Superior.

"Now, since you're the Mother Superior," he says, "your question has to be a little more tricky. What did Eve say when she first saw Adam?"

"Ooh..." says the third nun, "That's a hard one..."

"Congratulations! You're in!"

Submitted by: Rob

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