Forrest in Heaven

Forrest Gump dies and goes to Heaven. When he gets to the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter stops him and says, "I'm sorry Forrest but we have a new test you have to pass before I can let you in. God has given me three questions for you to answer. The first is, "Name the two days of the week that start with a 'T.'”

The second question is, "How many seconds are there in a year?"

And the third questions is, "What is God's first name?".

Forrest thinks a while and finally says, "I've got the first one. Today and Tomorrow are the days that start with "T."

There are 12 seconds in a year. Then he pauses a while, really thinking on that third question. Finally he blurts out "God's first name is either Andy or Howard"!

Shaking his head back and forth, Saint Peters says, Okay I'll let you have Today and Tomorrow, though they weren't what I was looking for, but how did you come up with only 12 seconds in a year?"

Well, says Forrest, "There's January second, February second and March second....

Saint Peter is really shaking his head now, but says OKAY, you got me one more time, I'll give you the 12 seconds in a year but now explain how you came up with Andy or Howard?

Well, in church, we sing that real pretty song, "Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me, Andy tells me I am his own...

He continues, "but then there's that prayer we say every week, "Our Father, who art in heaven... Howard be Thy name."

Submitted by: Rob

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