Wife Puts Her Foot Down

Four guys have been going to the same golfing trip to the Caribbean for many years. Two days before the group is to leave, Bob's wife puts her foot down and tells him he isn't going and that she's got something else planned. Naturally, Bob's mates are very upset that he can't go, but what can they do.

Two days later, the three get to the Caribbean only to find Bob sitting at the bar with four drinks set up! "Wow, Bob, how long you been here, and how did you talk your missus into letting you go?" they ask, amazed.

"Well, actually, I've been here since last night. You see yesterday evening, I was sitting in my living room chair and my wife came up behind me and put her hands over my eyes and asked, 'Guess who?' I pulled her hands off, and there she was, wearing only a see-through nightie. She took my hand and pulled me into our bedroom. On her bedside table I saw a kinky romance novel. She had lit candles and sprinkled rose petals around. On the bed she had handcuffs and ropes! Then she laid on the bed and said, "Okay tie me up, hand-cuff me to the bed, and do whatever you want."

"So, here I am!"

Submitted by: Rob

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