Walking on Water

So after Christ rose from the dead he was on a stroll with some of his disciples. One of them said, "Say Jesus, do you mind showing us how you walked on water?"

Jesus said, "Well, these were miracles, not exactly parlor tricks. But you know what, I don't mind."

Another disciple asked, "What's a parlor?"

So, Jesus and the disciples go down to a nearby river. Jesus takes a few steps out but halfway through starts to sink and immediately falls in the water.

Jesus reemerges, laughs it off and decides to try a different part of the water, but unfortunately he falls in again after a few steps.

Jesus emerges and tries once more in a different part of the river but as expected, he falls right in. After coming back on land, the disciples are stunned. They can't believe their prophet has failed at a miracle.

One of the disciples says, "Jesus, why weren't you able to stand on water as you did before."

Jesus replies, "Well, it was a lot easier before I got these holes in my feet."

Submitted by: Rob

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