The Meaning of Easter

Three Italians die and go to Heaven, but are stopped at the Pearly Gates by St. Peter. St. Peter questions the authenticity of these three men's religious beliefs, so he decides to put them to the test.

"Tell me, what is the meaning of Easter, my children?" he asks. "If you can explain this to me, your passageway into Heaven is secured. If not, well..."

The first Italian confidently approaches St. Peter. (Insert stereotypical Italian accent) "Well a'sir, isn't that the one with the pilgrims and the turkeys and the giving thanks for things and..."

"No no no," St. Peter interjects. "Wrong holiday. I'm sorry, you're not allowed in." The first Italian is sent away."

The second Italian approaches (insert stereotypical accent). "a'Easter... hm. Is that the holiday at the end of the year with the presents and the trees and that Santy Claus, where..."

"No, not Christmas," St. Peter interjects again. "I am disappointed, my child." And the second Italian is sent away along with the first.

Finally the third approaches, a bit more apprehensive than the first two... but a quiet confidence exudes from him. "Oh a'yes, a'Easter. This is the story of the death of a'Jesus Christ, the son of god. He gets sent to Earth to save the humans, but he is betrayed by his own people and sentenced to death. He is a'hung up on a cross and suffers and dies, and is then buried away in a tomb." St. Peter, for the first time, looks a bit hopeful. “… so he is a'in this tomb, dead, with a boulder covering the entrance. But then something happens! On the third day, the boulder is gone, and Jesus emerges from the hole alive! And then, if he sees his shadow..."

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