The Biker

A guy comes outta a bar one night and theres a cop sitting in the parking lot. The guy staggers a bit, fals down the stairs, gets up and walks over to his bike, gets on and tries to start it.

The bike won't start and he realizes it isn't his bike afterall. He gets off it walks over gets on another one and tries to start it, nope not his either.

He goes over to another one gets on and starts it up, and passes out. A bunch of his buddies and others from the bar start to leave, laugh as they pass the guy passed out on his bike. A few minutes later he wakes up and leaves the parking lot.

Next thing theres sirens and lights and he's being pulled over by the cop from the parking lot. The cop tells him to get off his bike, so he does.

The cop tells him to walk the yellow line and he does perfectly. The cop then gives him a breathalizer and it comes up zero. The cop looks at him and says, "Okay, I saw you come out staggering all over, fall down the stairs and get on the wrong bike 3 times and then pass out! How can you walk the line with no problems and blow a zero?"

The guy replies, "Well, tonight I'm the designated decoy!"

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