Drunk Throws Up

Two guys are sitting at the bar. One of the guys gets so drunk he throws up all over himself.

"My wife is gonna kill me!"

"Hey, here's some money. Tell her some random guy at the bar threw up all over you and gave you this money to get your shirt dry cleaned," says the guy next to him. Drunk guy thanks him for the help and calls a taxi home.

Drunk guy comes home and his wife is horrified, "You've got vomit all over your shirt!"

"Yeah! Some guy threw up all over me at the bar! He gave me 10 bucks to get this dry cleaned though as he said he was sorry."

Wife reaches over and takes the bill out and goes. "Honey, he gave you $20, not 10..."

Drunk guy goes, "Oh yeah, he crapped in my pants too!"

Submitted by: Rob

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