The Pom and the Bull

One day an english bloke was driving aroung the backblocks of Sydney one day, when he saw a little girl in the paddock next to him. With the little girl was a gigantic bull, that was preparing to gore the little girl.

The Pom took action. He slammed on the brakes of his car, jumped out, ran over and jumped the barbed wire fence, grabbed the bull by it's horns, flipped it over and broke it's back.

An Aussie reporter saw the whole thing, and after the bull was dead (not being aware that the guy was english) he rushed over to congratulate him.

"That was absolutly bloody fantastic mate! It'll make front page news, just give me your details,"

So the Pom gives him his details. A day later he buys the newspaper and looks at the headline. It reads POMMY BASTARD KILLS CHILDS PET.

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