Cross-Eyed Donkey

There were once two brothers, Billy Bob and Joe, that had a cross-eyed donkey, and they took the donkey all around trying to figure out a way to cure the donkey's eye sight problem.

Finally one day, they came upon this vet which told the boys in order to fix the problem they needed to take a lead pipe and shove it up the donkey's butt, and blow as hard as they could until the donkey's eyes straightened out.

The brothers were delighted with the news that this could be fixed. So they took the donkey home and Billy Bob found a pipe and shoved it up the donkey's butt and started to blow in the pipe, while Joe watched the donkey's eyes. So Billy bob blew and blew till he was blue in the face and finally asked Joe to switch with him.

So they switched places, and Joe went to the donkey and pulled out the pipe, turned it around and shoved it back in. Billy Bob looked at Joe and questioned him, "Why did you do that?"

And Joe replied, "Well dear brother, I don't want to get your germs do I?"

Submitted by: Rob

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