About Us

Welcome to JokesAbout.net. I have been collecting jokes for over fifteen years now and, thanks to visitors like you, this site is getting a bigger joke collection as time goes on.

This site was originally spread out over nearly one hundred micro-sites, each dedicated to a single category of joke. In late 2013, I redesigned the entire site, combining all of the micro-sites into one massive joke site. This new site will allow the jokes to be more easily browsed, searched and shared. I invite you to explore the menu options above. Clicking on the Categories link will let you jump right to your favorite joke category. Feel free to submit your own jokes as well.

In addition to making the jokes more easily browsable and searchable, I've introduced a new ranking system. It's a simple "Smiley Face/Frowning Face" voting system, with links to the top jokes featured on every page.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your time on the site. Granted, there's probably something here that will offend everyone - so I hope that you understand that it is all in good fun and can choose to view jokes more to your liking. Best wishes, and thanks for visiting!